HuisRaad offers holiday houses, land or castle in Northern France for sale. Around the forest the Argonne: in the provinces Champagne - Ardennes, Meuse and Marne.


Are you looking for a French house in the quite area of the Champagne, the Ardennes, Meuse or Marne? Or do you have a house for sale; contact HuisRaad. Our working area is around the forest from in the north: Buzancy and Vouziers, to around Ste. Menehould in the south. Here you find small scale farmland, surrounded by parcels of wood. In the west you have the river the Aisne and in the East the Aire. Nature, wildlife, darkness, quietness; a lovely area! In the forest you can walk for days without seeing anyone. It is also an area with marks of the WW1.

Call for questions and visits Isabelle, tel. 33 3 24301450 or email to info at huisraad point fr.

Most addresses are clearified by a google map. If not you have to fill in the form to receive the address information bon-de-visite This form is also to be found at each page under the button 'bezoeken / address'

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